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Get Involved

Kilimanjaro Children and Youth Centre

Donation and Fundraising

Whether you want to support the centre or our School and training centers or in our particular projects, be responsible for a child's school fees for a period of time or if you want to make a one-time contribution, we 'will be very, very happy! and grateful!

Become a Volunteer

We welcome different people from different places to volunteer in whatever areas they are capable of. There are many options for how a person can volunteer at KCYC. One can volunteer by offering services remotely or by working with us here at the centre.

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Foundraising and Charity Tours

You always dreamed of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, visiting Ngorongoro or Serengeti to experience wildlife and the migration of millions of wildebeest on safari, or just spending a day at the waterfalls and cultural area. Now you can do it while helping us.