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Plans for the future Program

Children’s Program:

This program provides temporary residential care services to street children and orphans whose cases need more time to resolve. In the residential care centre, children receive protective services and education for their well-being and development.

In Moshi City there are currently 3 centres with a combined capacity of no more than 170 children offering childcare services, however there are currently more than 169 full-time children on the streets of Moshi City. This means that 169 children living on the streets in the city of Moshi have little chance of accessing residential care centres for protection and education services.

There are many students who do not attend school because they lack school requirements and their parents cannot afford to meet these requirements, such as school uniforms and other school costs.

This program focuses on:

  • Children at risk of dropping out of school.
  • Street children in the city of Moshi
  • Orphaned children
  • Other vulnerable children
Uncles and aunts program:

This is a community outreach program in which orphans and street youth join wise and trusted adults in their home communities to facilitate supervision and follow-up on their daily concerns. These adults are members of the community who have an interest in supporting others, human dignity, growth and development of the child / youth and should be selected, evaluated, trained and charged with supervising and supporting orphaned children and youth.

This program intends to work with 100 adults a year, where each adult will be attached to an orphan or street child.

Research program:

This program aims to gain a clear picture of the needs of orphans and street children and youth and the extent and cause of the problems they face in the Kilimanjaro region. Since circumstances change over time, this will be an ongoing effort. The result of this program is to keep the different actors informed about the real-life situation of children living in vulnerable situations in the Kilimanjaro region. Typically, KCYC conducts a baseline survey in 4 target areas to assess the number, causes and needs of orphaned and street children and youth. These target areas are the Kibosho, Machame, Uru and Majengo districts. These areas are in the Kilimanjaro region and have been selected because most of the orphaned and street children and youth in the city of Moshi come from these areas.

In addition, they provide us with the relevant information to decide the next step to take and in which regions to focus on in the next investigation

Outreach Health Education Program:

This Outreach Health Education Program (OHEP-HIV / AIDS) is designed to raise awareness among orphans and street children and youth, their families and communities on the issue of HIV / AIDS. It uses the Outreach approach to provide information on the problem of HIV / AIDS.

It is a program for mobile devices that provides education to all target groups about where they are. He is responsible for linking people with partner organizations dealing with HIV / AIDS. In providing HIV / AIDS education, we are collaborating with these organizations to provide appropriate education for the benefits of these target groups. Each year the program will hold 5 awareness events.

Community financial support groups:

This program works with at least 100 families of vulnerable children and youth in order to improve their economic foundations. This is achieved by mobilizing these families to form their own financial support groups, training them in small business ventures, and linking them with credit stores to obtain loans. It provides more opportunities for women as one of the ways to empower women in rural areas, thereby also enhancing the sustainability of many families, as women are the pillars of many families.

Many organizations that deal with the problem of orphaned and street children and young people have a culture of helping only these children and young people and leaving their families of origin, who are the main sources of these children to live in situation of vulnerability. In many cases, poverty (poor family) has been the main cause of a child living in a vulnerable situation. To prevent these children from living in vulnerable situations, KCYC works with their families to improve their economic foundations so that they can support themselves without having to depend on outside support.

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