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The Maize & Beans Farm

The Centre has rented a farm where we grow corn and beans at this time it does not have a farm. The problem is the resources required to run the farm. We are working to obtain funds to carry out this project, which will guarantee the food sustainability of our center.

Our expectations:

Experts on this topic were consulted for questions that arose, initially about how big the lot should be for rent. It has been suggested that 10 acres (4 hectares) are sufficient to grow corn and beans. These people also suggested that 3 acres should be for growing beans and the rest for corn. These people were also consulted on the costs of renting the land and operating costs until the last stage (harvesting of products).

Currently we have rent of only 2 acres for the cultivation of corn and beans, we need support to rent or acquire more land and cover the operating cost.

This farm will help our children and youth to participate in some of the required activities during the days off that will add to their education and teach them about agriculture.

Budget coverage:
      Land rental
      Preparing the land
      Tractor rental for cleaning
      Buy seeds
      Put the seeds in the ground
      Purchase of fertilizers
      Consultation fees for an agricultural specialist
      Weeding costs
      Security costs
      Collection costs
      Conservation costs

If you are interested in our work, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.