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Kilimanjaro Children and Youth Centre

Outreach Program

This program intends to work with communities to find the long-term solution to the vulnerability of children and youth in the Kilimanjaro region. By working together with communities and other stakeholders on children and youth's issues, the long-term goal is to reintegrate children and youth into their communities of origin.

Residentials Care Program

This program aims to provide a safe place for orphans and street children and youth who have nowhere to get protective services in the Kilimanjaro region. These children and young people are the ones who are left homeless and end up on the streets in communities that have no one to provide protection services.


Education Program

This program aims to provide education services (life skills and vocational training) to orphans and street children and youth who do not have access to educational services. The types of children and youth it is targeting are those who live on the streets, in the residential care centre and in the rural communities of Uru and Kibosho.

Plans for the future Program

Orphaned and street children and youth are linked with wise and trusted adults in their communities of origin in order to facilitate supervision and follow-up on their daily concerns. These adults are members of the community who have an interest in supporting others, human dignity, growth and development of the child and must be selected, evaluated, trained and charged with supervising and supporting orphaned children.

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Foundraising and Charity Tours

You always dreamed of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, visiting Ngorongoro or Serengeti to experience wildlife and the migration of millions of wildebeest on safari, or just spending a day at the waterfalls and cultural area. Now you can do it while helping us.