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Kilimanjaro Children and Youth Centre

XXX XXX (Director)

Kilimanjaro Children and Youth Centre (KCYC)

KCYC is a Tanzanian registered NGO, non-religious, non-profit and non-political organization (registration number XXNGO / XXXX). It was founded by XXX XXX in December 2021 and is located in the Kilimanjaro region, Moshi district, Uru Kusini district, in a small town known as Soweto.

KCYC's intentions are to provide protection, development and reintegration services for orphans and street children and youth in Tanzania. The organization runs four main programs: Outreach Program, Education Program, Residential Care Program and Plans for the Future Program

kcyc mission


Contribute to creating a world in which all children and young people have the same opportunities, regardless of their place of origin.

kcyc vision


Work to empower orphans and street children and youth with equal opportunities through the provision of skills and protection.

kcyc objective


To provide protection and development skills to orphans and street children and youth for self-reliance and community empowerment.

Kilimanjaro Children and Youth Centre

The Farm

The Maize & Beans Farm

We rent a farm where we grow corn and beans at this time that we don't have a farm. The problem is that resources are required to run the farm.

Efforts are being made to secure funds to carry out this project, which will guarantee the food sustainability of the Centre and its orphans and street children and youth.

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Foundraising and Charity Tours

You always dreamed of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, visiting Ngorongoro or Serengeti to experience wildlife and the migration of millions of wildebeest on safari, or just spending a day in waterfalls and cultural areas. Now you can do it while helping us.